Ukrainian startup develops low-cost drone interceptor

Kyiv-based startup developing low-cost counter-drone technologies to create an unmanned aircraft system to track a target in flight and plot a kinetic impact. The startup plans to counter the increasing dangers presented by adversaries’ small, unmanned aircraft systems, or sUAS, with the kinetic method. Its system consists special drone that takes out other drones by […]

Ukraine begins production of rotor blades for Mil family helicopters

The Ministry for Strategic Industries of Ukraine has announced that the Ukrainian defense industry achieved a significant milestone this month as part of an ongoing upgrade program and launches production of composite and steel rotor blades for Mil family helicopters. Production has now begun of an all-new, technologically-advanced, main rotor blades for Mi-8 and Mi-24 […]

Skyeton develops light surveillance drone capable of 24-hour flight

Ukrainian-based aerospace company Skyeton has developed a new family of surveillance unmanned aircraft called the Raybird 3 and the Defence Blog decided to meet with the founder and current CEO of the company to chat about a new drone that can be flown for more than 24 hours depending on mission requirements. The Defence Blog: Skyeton company developed a […]

Ukrainian Army receives new radar system that can spot combat drones

Ukrainian Army has received the new 35D6M radar system that can operate in contested electromagnetic environments and provides the warfighter an ability to detect and track current and emerging threats, according to a press release issued Tuesday by UkrOboronProm. SE SPC Iskra, a subsidiary of Ukroboronprom (UOP), has announced that the company was formally handed […]