Russia tries to jam signals from U.S. Air Force RQ-4 surveillance drone

According to U.S. officials, Russia trying to find a way to jam and block signals from U.S. Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk remotely piloted and unarmed, aerial reconnaissance system. In the past few months, high-flying RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned spy planes have been highly active in the European theater, along the western borders of Russia. […]

Japan’s first RQ-4B drone completes maiden flight

Japanese first RQ-4B Global Hawk unmanned air vehicle completed its maiden flight, marking a major milestone for the international program. According to a Northrop Grumman statement, Corporation successfully completed the first flight of Japan’s RQ-4B Global Hawk on April 15, 2021 from Palmdale, California. With an unmatched combination of range, endurance, and payload capability, Global […]