A New Drone LiDAR Surveying Distributor: Microdrones Welcomes Geozona!

GEOZONA, a fast-growing Bulgarian company offering geospatial data solutions, precise positioning instruments, and geodetic measuring products is adding drone surveying equipment from Microdrones to their portfolio. The demand for drone LiDAR solutions in surveying, construction, urban planning, and other applications is growing rapidly and the Microdrones integrated LiDAR solutions, like the mdLiDAR1000 aaS and mdLiDAR3000 […]

SimActive Software Integrated in LiDAR Solution for Drones

Montreal, Canada, December 8 th , 2020 – SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, announces the integration of its Correlator3D™ product into LiDAR systems for drones developed by LiDAR USA. Possible configurations include two side-by-side cameras that allow matching the footprint of the LiDAR sensor, a particularly useful setup for corridor mapping. SimActive’s […]