Experts of design

Aircraft completions and customization company AeroBrigham takes design to the next level when it comes to helicopter modifications and interiors — ensuring its customers’ needs come first.  The motto that no request is too big or small is one that best describes aircraft completions and customization company AeroBrigham. With a 15,000-square-foot (1,395-square-meter) hangar in Decatur, […]

The right tool for the job

Szabo Aviation International is an aftermarket tooling supplier that manufactures exceptional, high-quality tooling to support helicopter maintenance professionals and the tasks they are challenged with on a daily basis.  Having the right tool to perform a specific helicopter maintenance task makes all the difference in the world. It’s not just a nice-to-have luxury item.  The […]

StandardAero’s drive for excellence

The world’s leading maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider is celebrating the successful completion of its new centers of excellence. In the summer of 2020, StandardAero completed a strategic transition to optimize its worldwide operations. This transition, completed in July, resulted in the consolidation of three dedicated Centers of Excellence (COEs) to streamline its helicopter […]

PAG: The art of support

A leading provider of products and value-added services to the worldwide aerospace and defense industry, Precision Aviation Group (PAG) credits its global success to a deep-seated belief in providing outstanding customer service. PAG uses its customer-focused business model to serve aviation customers through two business functions — aviation supply chain, and its trademarked Inventory Supported […]

We are the aftermarket

For more than two decades, EXTEX has been transforming the aftermarket with quality parts, lower costs, dedicated support and a network of partners that go above and beyond expectations to keep each customer’s fleet flying.  It’s a given, if you fly helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft, you’re going to need parts. The biggest question is OEM […]

Midwestern Values

Midwest Aerospace is a legacy parts supplier and repair shop that specializes in cost-effective, full-service solutions for Bell medium aircraft.  If you fly a Bell helicopter, particularly one of the many UH-1 models or variants still dominating the skies worldwide, Midwest Aerospace can help you reduce costs and minimize downtime.  “We’ve aligned ourselves to be […]

Southern comfort

When it comes to helicopter parts and repairs, very few companies can match the inventory, costs, service and support provided by Southern Cross Aviation. “Southern Cross goes above and beyond to work as a business partner for our clients,” said Ricardo Carvalho, director of sales. “We make sure our clients have what they need to […]

Getting it right, every time

Aviation Procurement Systems has the capabilities and experience of a prime military contractor, with a rare level of agility and a long track record of exceptional work. In military aviation, trust between clients and contractors can be a matter of life and death. The standards for maintenance and repair are the highest possible, and quality […]

Changing the future of medical aviation

Med-Pac’s EMS Lite interior for the Bell 505 is a perfect example of how the company thinks outside the box to meet its customers’ needs. For the past two decades, Med-Pac has made a name for itself in the air medical industry by thinking outside the box. For president Ralph Braaten and sales and marketing […]

The AW169: a versatile & capable modern helicopter

Since its certification in 2015, the AW169 has found success across a range of operating sectors — and this next-generation helicopter just keeps getting better. One of Leonardo’s newest helicopters is the AW169. The sleek 4.6/4.8-tonne light intermediate twin-engine seats six to 10 passengers, travels up to 440 nautical miles (815 kilometers), reaches a top […]