Fortem DroneHunter Successfully Defeats Drone Threats in US Army Test

 Fortem Technologies, leaders in airspace security and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, announced today that their DroneHunter® successfully defeated threat drones during a recent US Army test in Yuma Proving Ground, AZ.  DroneHunter is an AI-enabled, radar-guided drone that locks onto its target, fires a net, captures the threatening drone and tows it to […]

DroneShield Enters C-UAS Training and Simulation Market

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce the release of DroneSim, a lightweight and rapidly deployable UAS/drone simulator that is able to mimic common drone signals for the purpose of C-UAS system testing and validation. The device is capable of generating aerial (UAV), ground (UGV) and water surface (USV) drone signals. Constructed within a ruggedized hard case with MIL-SPEC […]

U.S. Department of Defense Awards Citadel Defense $6M Contract for Integrated Counter Drone System

Citadel Defense has been awarded a sole source contract for $6M from a Classified U.S. Department of Defense customer to build and deploy an AI-powered counter drone solution. The system will be deployed at sensitive government locations and effectively operated by non-specialist military personnel and first responders. The solution is designed to autonomously detect, classify, track, […]

TSA assists Connecticut Air Guard with drone detection test

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) law enforcement, the Connecticut State Police (CSP) and the Connecticut Air National Guard participated in a joint drone detection practical exercise on Thursday, August 5. The Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) team designed the exercise to assess the Air Guard’s 103rd Security Forces Squadron’s ability to respond to a drone incursion on […]

DroneShield Expands into Brazil

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to advise that it has commenced expansion into the Brazilian market.  As part of the entrance into the Brazilian market, DroneShield has received formal approval from Anatel, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency responsible for issuing the concession of new radio frequencies. Following the approval earlier this month, the Company has now sold […]

AeroDefense Participates in NYC Dense Urban Environment Drone Detection Experiment

AeroDefense was invited to provide its mobile drone detection capabilities in October 2020 at the US ARMY Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) in Partnership with the New York Police Department – Subterranean/Dense Urban Community of Practice: Counter Unmanned Aircraft System Materiel Experiment in Lower Manhattan. Dense Urban Environments (DUEs) challenge drone detection systems due to heavy Radio Frequency (RF) traffic and large obstructions. Complex structures […]

DroneShield – Australian Army deployment

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to advise that it has sold a quantity of its RfOne MKIITM long-range sensors to the Australian Army.  The capability is being delivered immediately to allow the Australian Army to assess its future counter-drone requirements and options. The deployment of these long-range sensors will highlight the flexibility, resilience, and capabilities of DroneShield equipment in […]

Citadel Defense Secures $4M Contract for AI Counter Drone Solution

Citadel Defense has secured $4M in new government contracts in June as demand for combat-proven counter drone solutions accelerates. Rapid proliferation of small, low-cost drones threatens personnel and critical assets, impacting the military’s ability to conduct successful operations. Unmanned systems have been used by terrorists to collect intelligence, bypass ground-based physical barriers, and carry out highly […]

DroneShield announces U.S. Critical Infrastructure Federal Agency Order

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce it has received an initial order from a high-profile US critical infrastructure federal agency. The order is comprised of a portable drone defeat system.  Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, commented, “US Government, through its various agencies, is the single largest counter-drone customer globally. Smaller orders such as this, are an important […]