DJI’s Top Drone Models Approved For FAA’s Remote ID Mandate

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is the first drone manufacturer to submit and earn U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for complying with the FAA’s Remote Identification protocol. The FAA has approved the Declarations of Compliance for seven of DJI’s newest and most popular drone models, including what is […]

Elevating high-precision aerial lidar mapping with TOPODRONE and Velodyne Lidar

TOPODRONE, a Swiss based designer and manufacturer of high-precision lidar equipment for installation on drones, vehicles and backpacks, has announced the synchronization of LiDAR PRIME scanner and aOrion Heli-E UAV enabled by Velodyne’s Alpha Prime sensor. This new mapping solution fills the gap between heavyweight and expensive manned aerial lidar systems and lightweight drone lidar […]

Dronamics parners with Cotesa to manufacture cargo drones in Europe

Middle-mile drone company Dronamics has partnered with composite manufacturer Cotesa to manufacture long-range cargo drones in Europe. The manufacturing partnership with Cotesa, a European manufacturer of high-quality composite fibre components for aerospace and automotive companies, supports the demand for Dronamics’ commercial routes to be launched in Europe in 2023. Dronamics recently became the first drone […]

AeroVironment Introduces Next-Generation All-Electric VAPOR 55 MX Helicopter

 AeroVironment, Inc., a global leader in intelligent, multi-domain robotic systems, today announced the launch of the next-generation VAPOR® Helicopter unmanned aircraft system (UAS), VAPOR 55 MX. Delivering new levels of operational performance with a completely redesigned modular autonomy framework, VAPOR 55 MX enables increased endurance and expanded payload capacity to meet current and emerging needs of defense, […]

DDC exhibits its condor drone at 2022 Commercial UAV expo

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is pleased to provide an update on the development of its Condor cargo drone. The Company recently exhibited the Condor drone at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas-USA, which is recognized as one of the preeminent tradeshows for the drone industry with over 4,000 attendees from over 24 countries and […]

Matternet M2 Drone Delivery System First to Achieve FAA Type Certification

 Matternet, developer of the world’s leading urban drone delivery system, today announced that the Matternet M2 drone has achieved Type Certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As the first non-military unmanned aircraft to achieve Type Certification in the US, this gives Matternet a strong competitive advantage in the drone delivery market. The completion of […]

Asio Technologies unveils the NavGuard NOCTA Mini: a mini-size jam-proof navigation solution for drones

Asio Technologies, a leading developer and manufacturer of geospatial position systems and tactical defense solutions, is honored to launch and unveil the NavGuard NOCTA Mini, a mini-size jam-proof aerial optical positioning system for drones and UASs. NavGuard is a real-time optical navigation system that enables seamless and accurate autonomous GNSS-free navigation for tactical UAS platforms […]